Juno ChildSafe
Child Proofing on the Go

Juno ChildSafe is the clever bag that lets you in but keeps kids out.
The secret to this bag is a special locking system* that little kids can’t open but you can.
Juno ChildSafe comes in three convenient sizes – Dolce, Mezzo and Grande .
Keep your makeup and medications locked away safely from your children - in your handbag, purse, baby bag, backpack or travel bag.
These stylish bags offer childproofing on the go - for any situation
Don’t leave home without one!

*US patent number 15/102088; patent pending in other countries

Juno ChildSafe comes in three sizes for childproofing on the go

Juno ChildSafe is a child-resistant bag designed to keep kids out but let adults in

No keys, no codes - just a clever locking system* that helps prevent children from accessing the bag's contents

Helps keep little hands away from dangerous items such as medication, vitamins with iron and other supplements, hand sanitiser, button batteries and nail scissors

Also great for other things kids love getting into, such as cosmetics

Use Juno ChildSafe in your handbag, nappy or baby bag, brief case or luggage.

Use it at home to lock things away in the car, in the fridge, in bedside tables and bathroom cabinets or kitchen bench tops

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Follow the easy to use Juno Childsafe instructions in the video

Use it when a high, lockable cabinet is not available for your medication

Useful for taking children’s medication to day care and preschool, or on play dates and sleepovers

Provides child-resistant packaging for any medication, anywhere

Perfect for parents, grandparents and other carers of small children

Comes in three convenient sizes 

Internal zippered compartment for easy retrieval of smaller items

Developed by a doctor and a mother

Complies with Australian and international safety standards and is a world first

* US patent number 15/102088; patent pending in other countries

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Important Information

Only use Juno ChildSafe in accordance with the instructions and ensure Juno ChildSafe is locked correctly.

Juno ChildSafe is not a toy. It is not intended for use by children.

Juno ChildSafe is only an aid to safety and is not intended to replace adult supervision nor is it a substitute for following medication child safety advice including:
- storing medicine out of sight in a locked cupboard at least 1.5m from the ground;
- buying child-resistant packaging when available and closing caps tightly after use;
- keeping all medication in its original packaging (especially if child-resistant).

Some children may be able to get into the bag given enough time and persistence.

Ensure that any person requiring access to Juno ChildSafe is capable of opening it, and keep the instruction tag attached to Juno ChildSafe at all times.

Do not use Juno ChildSafe to store any medications to which immediate access may be required (for example, epinephrine auto-injectors, anti-seizure medications and asthma medications).

Don't overfill Juno ChildSafe or use it in any way that may compromise its function.

Check Juno ChildSafe regularly and replace if it is showing signs of wear and tear.