Just when I thought it was safe ...

Little Miss D is my easy child.

Put it this way, after twin boys as first born, most kids would probably seem a breeze by comparison.

The twins can claim at least part responsibility for my safety consciousness - the rest is me I guess, plus just being a mum.

I’ve experienced toddler wielding butcher’s knife; toddler running onto road; the great shopping centre escape times about 20; the “let’s run our own bath while mum isn’t watching”. Been there, done that, seen the therapist.

We used door locks, cupboard locks, fridge locks. Even tried those harnesses to go out walking – ever seen a mother stretched starfish style as two little boys tear off in opposite directions? That was probably me.

When we renovated our house a few years back, the twins had a direct hand in design and decor.

Lovely Juliette balcony off our bedroom. Scrap.

Open staircase to maximize natural light. Scrap.

Funky bunk beds. Scrap.

Window locks. Tick.

Stair gate. Tick.

Low deck with high balustrade. Tick.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

Yes, little ticking time bombs they were. Waiting to go off as soon as my back was turned – and often when it wasn’t.

And then Little Miss D arrived. She’s easy. Sweet and trustworthy. Eager to please. She ‘listens’! She’s 4 going on 24. She’s mature and sensible.

So when I stepped out of my car in a busy car park the other day, I didn’t feel the need to remind her to get out on the same side and stand by me. That’s our rule and she knows it.

But not that day. A little baby brain explosion.

Before I knew it she was out on the other side and walking behind the neighbouring car. It took me a few seconds to realise that she was out and in a very vulnerable position.

All quickly rectified and thankfully no damage done.

But it shocked us both. She was even a little embarrassed by her error when we talked about it later.

So what am I trying to say?

There are kids you can trust and kids you can’t.

But at the end of the day, they are all just little kids. And even the most trustworthy, sensible and predictable ones can still take us completely by surprise.